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Nutriant Restriction From Early To Midestation in the Cow Increases in the Cow Increases Adipocyte Size of Offspring at Slaughter

Claire Tousley
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Dr. Stephen Paul Ford
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Laramie, Wyoming

University of Wyoming

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Forage quality decreases in late summer due to decreased precipitation in the Western United States, leading beef producers to take advantage of higher forage quality by calving in early spring. However, this means many beef cows undergo periods of undernutrition in early to mid-gestation, when maternal nutrition is critical for normal fetal development, and has long term effects on offspring health and performance. Multiparous cows were placed into a control (C), nutrient restricted (NR) or nutrient restricted + protein (NRP) group from 45 d after AI until d 185. Offspring were weaned at 210 d, backgrounded and placed in a feedlot. At slaughter, selected organ weights and carcass characteristics were determined. Adipose tissue from selected depots were collected, fixed in paraffin, and adipocyte diameters determined by image analysis. There was no significant difference in BW or BCS between C, NRP, and NR cows at 45 dG, but BW and BCS of NR cows were reduced at 185 d. There were no significant treatment differences in live weight, carcass characteristics or organ weights of steers and heifers at slaughter. In contrast, average adipocyte diameters of NR offspring increased in finished animals, possibly contributing to altered adiposity and metabolism in later life.
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